onsdag, januar 10, 2007

Appell for ny stadion

Supporter Geir Myklebust har sendt inn en appell til den lokale parlamentarikeren Shona McIsaac.

Pressemeldingen fra Grimsby Norge har også blitt sendt til diverse medier.

Brevet har allerede kommet på trykk på noen nettsider; http://grimsbytown.rivals.net/default.asp?sid=909&p=2&stid=8434755
"Fikk svar fra Shona nesten umiddelbart på web-siden hennes – og da overraskende raskt og personlig!" forteller Geir.

Direktør John Fenty var også kjapp med å svare. "Har i dag fått svar fra John Fenty personlig på vårt brev. Han takker for den vennlige støtten, og skriver videre at han håper sakene raskt vil endre seg til det bedre på banen og at også håper at planene om ny stadion vil få full støtte den 25. januar."

"I hvor mange profesjonelle fotballklubber kan man regne med å få e-post direkte fra eieren ved henvendelser? Ikke så veldig mange tror jeg, hverken i Norge eller andre steder i verden. Dette gjør meg stolt av å være en supporter av Grimsby Town!"

Under følger skrivet vi har sendt ut i støtte for ny stadion i Great Coatesområdet.

To MP Shona McIsaac et al –

New stadium proposal for Grimsby Town

On behalf of the 29 members of the Norwegian supporters club “Grimsby Norge”, we would like to express our views on the proposed new football stadium for Grimsby Town Football Club.

On the need for a new stadium

Although Blundell Park is a stadium with a lot of history and a special “atmosphere” because of its location near the Humber, there is no doubt among the traveling fans here in Norway that the stadium is in dire need of renovation and renewal. The general standard of Blundell Park is not up to the standard that people expect from a professional football club these days, and we think it is important to take measures to correct this as soon as possible. This is not only a question about economy and finances, but also a question about pride. A great football club can generate a lot of money for the local area, but it can also make the population proud for being a part of it by association. In general, you don't need to be a “football fanatic” to feel this.A new stadium will generate sorely needed income for the club and the area around it in a way that Blundell Park never will. More work for the local population will be created, and that will in turn generate more taxes to the council. Traveling to Grimsby will be easier for the Norwegian fans. Most fans travel by train from Manchester, and those who do are usually in need of a hotel near the ground after the match. In the development plan for the stadium a hotel is conveniently planned at the ground.There is also a concern among the supporters of Grimsby Town that the chairman of the club, Mr. John Fenty, will resign as Chairman if permission is rejected once again. This will be critical for the continued running of the club. Mr. Fenty has invested a lot of his time and money into the club to ensure its survival. This is because he is a fan himself, but as a businessman we think there are limitations for how much he is willing to spend of his time and money if there are no signs or hope for development of the club through a new stadium.We feel that the new proposed Conoco Stadium located at Great Coates will be of utmost importance for the club, the local area and for the reputation of Grimsby both inland and abroad. We support the plans for a new stadium and we are hoping that the local council makes the right decision in this matter.

Special significance

Grimsby Town is not “just another” football club. It is more. The club, even with limited resources, have done well in the football league throughout the years. Well enough to be taken note of outside the United Kingdom. These days, when the clubs with the most money rules the top of the Premier League, it is even more important to show people that you can get by and do well without a lot of money. It is a statement of hope for those among the common population who have little money themselves. You can do it too – if Grimsby can. Despite everything – even the name of the town – GRIMsby. Even us Norwegians use that word about something that is ugly. But still, like in the fairy tale by H.C. Andersen about the ugly duckling, we believe that someday a beautiful swan will arise from a city that has had its share of problems with unemployment, crime and poverty. The population seems resigned to their fate – “nothing good ever comes our way”. With the aid of a single planning permission from the council – you can restore that which people in the area miss the most these days:Pride, Hope, Commitment, Optimism and Glory!Because we, the Norwegian fans, are certain that Grimsby Town can reach whatever level of success it decides to achieve if we all just pull together for the club. We all have a responsibility in this. Please, do not take it away from us.

We, the Norwegian supporters of Grimsby Town Football Club, fully supports a move to a new location by Great Coates. We hope this can be implemented in the plans of the club after the meeting of the 25th of January 2007.

On behalf of the supporters,

Geir Myklebust Jostein JensenSecretary Leader Grimsby Norge

Contact: Contact:

By phone: +47 908 36 456 By phone: +47 938 41 779By mail:
geirmykl@broadpark.no By mail: grimsby@lyse.net Web: grimsbynorge.blogspot.com


Anonymous Morten said...

Flott tiltak, og et imponerende godt skrevet brev.
Selv om jeg nå mener Blundell Park representerer noe helt spesielt i engelsk fotball, er det vel strengt tatt på tide å videreutvikle klubben i form av en nye arena...

11 januar, 2007 17:29  

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